Exhibitions and Bibliography


1968    DePoliolo Gallery, Palm Springs
1965     Studio Gallery, Naples, Florida
1964     L’lnstitute Francais d’Haiti
1964     Summit Gallery, New York City
1964     Southampton Gallery, New York City
1963    Guildhall Gallery, Chicago
1961    Leicester Gallery, London
1950    Whitney Museum , New York City
1949    Whitney Museum, New York City
1947    Binet Gallery, New York City
1946    Chinese Gallery, New York City
1944    Levitt Gallery, New York City
1944    Milch Gallery, New York City
1944    O’Connor Gallery, New York City
1943    Puma Gallery, New York City


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Brooklyn Museum
Desmond Child, Los Angeles
Robert Crewe, Los Angeles
Sidney Lumet, New York
Newark Museum
Billy Steinberg, Los Angeles